An experiment

Kia ora tatou, I am attempting to pare down my life by giving up full time work. I want to see if I can live more simply and frugally and in doing so have more time to be creative. I am an extrovert so I am anxious about the isolation and the lack of dosh of course. I’m hoping those of you out there who are also experimenting with a change of lifestyle, join me and comment on your own experiences. I have been reading the following blog for a few years now and it became a source of inspiration for me. http://down—to— So if it all turns to custard I’ll be blaming Rhonda! 🙂

I also enjoy writing and reading poetry and I intend to record a time in my life when I took my 11 year old son to live in the Pyrenees for six months. I hope you will come along on that journey with me.





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  1. After a lovely long weekend with friends, family, food, fun and Fabulous weather Im back at work and feeling that life should have more to offer? But… are we a bit spoilt, first world problems and all that? Not sure.
    Anyhow I do know that I want more but not sure what.
    Your web site looks great and is interesting. More poems please. x

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