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Two years ago I gave up full time work and am living on a minimal income for the foreseeable future. I hope to live more simply and more frugally but also write more, relax more and  be more creative at home. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and have been in teaching and tertiary education all my life. I want to document the small changes I am making and am keen to hear from others who are changing the way they live.

I have recently begun a little project called Fluffygeorge Postal Poems that I have been thinking about for a while. The first one that I sent to friends in April was Anzac Day in Greytown. This was originally published in Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2 2015, edited by Jack Ross.


The idea is that you or a friend you have gifted it to, receive a poem in the post- a real envelope with contents and a stamp! It will be on quality paper in a lovely envelope so it hopefully feels like a little literary present. You could re-gift them, put them on the fridge, frame them or make a calendar. I am quite excited about the May issue. It is actually two poems and the images are quite lovely I think. Suffice to say, one poem is on the back of a photo by renowned photographer John Doogan. Check out his work here.

Thanks to those of you who have subscribed. I truly appreciate your support as this fledgling idea emerges. I hope the recipients of those who have gifted theirs get a lovely surprise in their mail. There are several options if you would like to subscribe (all postage included) but haven’t so far:

$80  for 8 poems each month until December.

$45 for 4 poems delivered May July September November

or if you have just discovered FG Postal Poems then you can subscribed for $11.50  per month

They won’t just be my poems, I already have permission from Fiona Farrell for the poem for the June issue. It is a poem of hers that I have always loved.

Just email me with your details at [email protected] and I will send you details. It will be a little more for an overseas recipient but we can discuss.

Happy month of May. FG

3 Replies to “Fluffygeorge Postal Poems”

  1. Hi Sue,
    I too have been in tertiary for the last 8 years and will be moving North to Mangawhai Heads January 2016 we are also changing our way of life. I have started ‘Cute Little Knits’ it is productive and creative and really it just developed on its own a recent granddaughter and more time on my hands has been invaluable to create something new and to think about how the next ten years might look ‘low key’ at this stage although I have sold three hats! I’m loving the process and will continue with markets and see where it takes me.
    I will no doubt do a website like yours in the future really like your approach to it. Would like to know more about what you are doing if you wanted to contact me please do sounds like I’m on the same path.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Prue, lovely to see your comment. Your new venture sounds like the start of something fun and rewarding. I have not regretted my decision for a second although I do now need to work two days a week. I relish every moment of my free days and always seem busy. I am writing enough and there are no excuses. I’m waiting for my house to be built at Hobsonville Point so can’t do tiling at the moment but can do knitting. Best wishes for your new chapter. Let me know where I can see your cute knits. Sue

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